I can build simple websites in Wordpress or Jekyll, usually to a designer’s brief. I like to focus on mobile-first, responsive design, using a framework or written from scratch, light code and minimal Javascript for fast page-load times.

As well as this site, here’s a few more websites I’ve made:

April 2015:  Perhaps Contraption website

This site was build in WordPress and pulls in data from Songkick for concerts and Bandcamp for album sales, as well as embedding the band’s music videos and hosting images for press. It’s responsive and lightweight.

December 2013:  Class Careers website

I built this prototype for a new service, Class Careers, who aim to connect employers with the growing number of talented students who leave school bound straight for work rather than university. I took Photoshop designs from Taiyab and turned them into a WordPress site.

April 2013:  Plush Festival website

This small classical music festival hosts the highest quality of musicians every summer, in a village in Dorset. I have done a lot of filming there, and so it was a pleasure to build their new site, designed by Will Brady.

November 2012:  Plushmusic – music video shopping site

Plushmusic hosts and sells the classical and jazz music films that we make and license at Videojuicer. After 5 years the original website was a little tired and becoming increasingly hard to update.

August 2012:  Sandy Burnett’s homepage

I rebuilt Sandy’s homepage according to designs sketched on paper by him. The site is built on WordPress and he was keen that all the elements would be editable by him, so I made each one dynamic.

February 2012: music video website

Veri TV wanted a site that would play music video after music video. I set up a WordPress install and created a child theme to significantly modify the excellent Autofocus theme, and matched designs from Veri. I created instructions for them to easily add content using Videojuicer tools, and publish them using the WordPress install.