The Rodolfus Foundation

I was asked to create promo videos for the junior (age 8-15) and senior (15-21) choir courses.  

I proposed short interview films for social media, focused on the experience of just one or two participants at a time, giving the material for a campaign. The same material could then be used to make longer films for Youtube (above) and embedding on the website once viewers wanted to know more. 

I also made some performance films of the Rodolfus Choir, the auditioned ensemble that many course participants become a part of, and a taster video to encourage more to apply.

Performance of The Three Kings by the Rodolfus Choir
Social media short 1 for senior course: consorts and staff
Social media short 2 for senior course: beyond singing skills
Social media short 3 for senior course: breadth of activities
Social media short 4 for senior course: nerves and friends
Social media short 5 for senior course: any ability is welcome
Social media short 6 for senior course: immersion into singing
Social media short 2 for junior course: youngest
Social media short 2 for senior course: older
Social media short 3 for junior course: oldest