An Aldeburgh Musicircus interactive experience

June 2014

Capturing 1000 musicians playing at once so that the performance could be recreated online was a technical headache.

John Cage’s idea for a Musicircus was to bring lots of concerts together into one space in order to let each member of the audience create their own unique auditory experience. Aldeburgh Festival brought together a huge number of musicians onto the beach so that holiday-goers and residents would not be able to avoid discovering it!

I worked with a team of professionals and students from Suffolk New College to capture as many individual performances as possible before editing a large number of video clips. These were combined into an online version for The Space by Daniel Jackson at AVCO.

I also produced promos for both the concert and experience, one of which is at the top and one which was used by The Guardian.

Play with the Aldeburgh Musicircus over at The Space.