I was a camera operator and photographer on “Unremembered” featuring 3 harmonographs (the pattern-making sand pendulums), 3 dancers and visual vernacular / BSL.

Unremembered is a short film and live experience which features 3 contemporary dancers, 1 actor/visual vernacular artist, 3 sand pendulums (harmonographs), lighting design and a suite of new music.

The unique patterns created by the sand pendulum are visual representations of musical harmony (Lissajous curves).

The piece explores the themes of harmony, transience, memory and the preciousness of life through the creation and destruction of these intricate and fragile patterns.

Narrator / visual vernacular artist - Zoë McWhinney
Dancers - Jordan Cather, Paolo Pisarra, Stefania Pinato
Movement director - Vivian Triantafyllopoulou
BSL interpreter - Kyle Cluett
Harmonograph design and construction - Chris Ball
Creative associates - Kiran-Lee Allen, Steph Singer
Production assistant - Mickey McMillan
Videographers - Matt Jolly, Paul McHale
Photography - Matt Jolly
Editing and grading - Paul Mchale
Lighting design - Eden Morrison & Christo Squier
Lighting Operation / Production Assistant / Venue Manager - Kyle Acab

Written, directed and produced by Christo Squier

Filmed at EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney), May 2022

Commissioned by Revelland, Arts Council England and Creative Europe.