Music and concert video

I’m a specialist in producing video covering music and its performance. With a BMus degree and as a performer myself, as well as loving to listen and learn more about music, I’m ideally qualified to create films of live concerts and that explore the subject matter.

Some films of concerts and about music I’ve been involved with:

November 2014:  GoPro videos for Perhaps Contraption

10+ angles and 360 video which won a Video Edit Award from GoPro

May 2014:  Solomon’s Knot – Aldeburgh Music residency

During my first month as Digital Manager at Aldeburgh Music, I’ve learnt a lot about the organisation and its work. Part of my job is to bring the relatively internal activities to a wider audience, and this video is the start of doing just that.

April 2014:  City of London Sinfonia live streamed concerts

Photo by James Berry for City of London Sinfonia

January 2014:  London International Players at Cadogan Hall

As well as filming the London International Players’ full recital at Cadogan Hall, we also filmed a couple of shorter extracts during rehearsal. This meant the cameras could get much closer and we could patch any sections that the players wanted.

July 2013:  ”Perambulations” interactive music video

Using YouTube’s annotation system to let the viewer choose their own point of view.

September 2012:  Ligeti – Poème Symphonique

Poème Symphonique is an unusual work by Ligeti, simply featuring 100 metronomes ticking until they wind down. It was performed at the Music at Plush festival with the metronomes in the place they appear in this film, but with audience members starting them off, and then watching, bewildered, as they wound down.

June 2012:  Gustavo Dudamel at the Southbank Centre live stream

Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela (all grown up without “Youth” in their title) quickly sold out two nights at the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre.

November 2011:  Manchester Camerata with Giovanni Sollima live stream

A concert from the RNCM in Manchester for

September 2011:  Chamber music films at Plush: Ravel & Bruckner

This was filmed in Plush at their festival in September 2011. With some stellar musicians (Thomas Gould, Adrian Brendel and Tim Horton) and an incredible piece of music filming and editing it was a joy.

June 2011:  Relay Loop Sessions live stream

A Lyrix Organix event featuring Shlomo and more in a musical relay raising funds for Medicins San Frontiers

April 2011:  Aurora Orchestra and Nico Muhly: Seeing is Believing

Live streamed Aurora Orchestra concert from Kings Place

January 2011:  The Merel Quartet perform at Plush

The string quartet play Beethoven, Janáček and Schumann at Plush Festival

October 2010:  The Leopold String Trio at Wigmore Hall

The Leopold String Trio played all of Beethoven’s trios in a weekend at the Wigmore Hall in September 2009. We filmed both the concerts and I edited them for release on Plushmusic and DVD. There was no audio editing and you can see why this trio is up there with the best with their nearly flawless performances. 

March 2010:  Julian Steckel performs Kodaly Cello Sonata

We filmed Julian Steckel at The Old Granary Studio in 2008. It was a peaceful setting for a tumultuous piece of Kodaly. I booked all the crew and published the video when it was ready. I also prepared edit notes on the score based on Julian’s wishes.

January 2010:  Huun Huur Tu at Fantasy Studios

Editing of a live concert by the throat singing group Huun Huur Tu from Tuva. 80 minute performance with more than 3 million views on Youtube.

March 2009:  Root70 in Cologne

Video production for a live concert of a jazz quartet in Cologne